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American Flag Laser cut natural wooden star field template

American Flag Laser cut natural wooden star field template

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American Flag Laser cut natural wooden star field template

Stars Included

Laser cut natural wooden star field template Includes Stars for flags, signs, or any DIY project. Made from 1/8” Baltic Birch.

We offer two styles. Standard Stat and our Improved field. The improved Field allows for easier removal of the template after placing the stars. No more moving stars when the glue has not set.

NOTE - Our fields are calculated using the US Flag specifications. They are NOT rounded as many online calculators are. Select the field for the size stripe you are using and it will be proper for that size flag.

NOTE **** MUST READ **** - Our stars are sized and cut using US Flag Specifications. Per US specs star size IS NOT from tip to tip but measured using a circle. For this reason correct stars are slightly smaller then the specification. Most online calculators round their number, some up some down. We use actual numbers to provide the most accurate pieces to our customers.

Sizes are based on flag size

Stripe - Flag - Field - Star

0.468 - 6.087x11.5653 - 3.2778x4.6261 - 0.3749 (3/8 star)

0.5 - 6.5x12.35 - 3.50025x4.94 - 0.4004

0.75 - 9.75x18.525 - 5.250375x7.41 - .6006

1 - 13x24.7 - 7.005x9.88 - 0.8008

1.25 - 16.25x30.875 - 8.750625x12.35 - 1.001

1.5 - 19.5x37.05 - 10.50075x14.82 - 1.2012

1.75 - 22.75x43.225 - 12.250875x17.29 - 1.4014

2 - 26x49.4 - 14.001x19.76 - 1.6016

2.25 - 29.25x55.575 - 15.751125x22.23 - 1.8018

We have a wide variety of custom sizes/shapes. If you do not see something you’d like please let us know. We love custom orders :)


All of our blanks are laser cut from 1/8" (3mm) Baltic Birch unless stated otherwise.

Baltic Birch is very light and stable alowing for percise cuts and detail.

Shipping & Returns

Each piece is made to order. We ship as soon as possible.

Finished pieces such as earrings take approx 5 business days.

Blanks will ship as early as the following day.


Sizes are measured for the longest points, Usually top to bottom.

Care Instructions

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